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    I offer a whole host of services to suit the various different needs of all of my clients. These include sessions of Personal Training on both a one-to-one and a group basis, a whole variety of intense but exciting and rewarding classes as well as a complete Nutrition Plan suitable for you.

    Below are details on all of the services I provide.


    Nutrition is quite possibly the most important part of anyone training, whether it be to become leaner, more toned or simply to enjoy a more healthier lifestyle. In fact, probably even more important than the physical exercise itself as without the right nutrition, your goals and ambitions will not be met.

    What I will be able to offer to all of my clients is a fully structured Nutrition Plan that will ensure that you get the right meals inside your body and also when to have each meal throughout the day. With me you will get the very best plan to set you on your way to becoming the very best version of you eventually.

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    What is HIIT might you add? HIIT (abbr for High Intensity Interval Training) combines short bursts of activity with very short periods of rest. Essentially, with such training, I would work you to your maximum capacity during those short bursts of exercise to help improve your overall fitness levels but at the same time, they are fun and exciting and you will love them.

    As part of my services, I will usually conduct HIIT typically as part of a class rather than on a one-to-one basis even though I can offer it as part of a one-to-one service as well.

    There are so many positive benefits to this type of training including the ability to burn more fat during your session, a greater level of endurance as well as improved cardiovascular health.

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    Spin Classes, also known as Indoor Cycling, are one of the main services I offer to all of my clients and potential clients. These classes are very high in their intensity and focus on strength, endurance and recovery.

    The nature of these classes mean that if your plan is to lose weight or drop a few pounds, you will be surprised to learn that you will burn much more calories much quicker than if you were simply going for a run or a light jog.

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    One of my most popular services I have to offer are Circuit Training classes. These fast-paced classes focus on doing specific exercises for short, set durations at a time and will help to improve all of your major postural muscles.

    Overall, Circuit Training will help to improve your levels of aerobic fitness and strength and also help you burn lots of calories!

    Intense but entirely adaptable to each individual, you are guaranteed to experience a level of exercise that is high in intesity without being overly exhausting, especially if you have never experienced this exciting activity.

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